Mayan calender ending - and some Datre predictions

I don't plan to make it a habit to comment in new posts on the Datre transcripts that has already been posted here, - I'll rather let people read them on their own and make up their own mind and search and discover for themselves.

But occasionally there happen to be a once in a lifetime 'event', that won't be experienced again. Well, in this reality anyway... :-)

So the of december is suppose to be the end of the Mayan indians calender, although from what I remember there were dates up into the year 3000 or so. But mostly it ends on the coming friday, 21/12, 2012.

So, what will happen? End of the world? Probably not.
One of the reasons I'll be making this post is to perhaps decrease some tension, and if there is any fear about this date. There might be for some.

I find it interesting that it's the same date for winter solstice, which comes around every year and marks the day - at least on the northern hemisphere - that is the darkest day throughout the year. Then after 22.nd of december the days become brighter until the peak sometime in june (don't remember the exact date at the moment). And from there goes back into growing darkness again.

Another thing that I find interesting is that 'Maya' in hinduism, is a term for 'illusion'.
So perhaps the end of the Mayan calender marks the beginning of unveiling the Big Illusion of this world...? Perhaps what we will be seeing eventually is an increased awakening from the belief that this world is real...?

One of the things Datre said was:  1.- you need to know WHO YOU ARE, and 2. - this world is but
a psychological construct! As Robert Adams, an american master, said - it's all Maya.

And as it has been claimed that Jesus said - though I didn't find the exact quote - You can be in this world, but not of it. I guess he may not have said exactly so, but his statements can be interpreted that way. 'My kingdom is not of this world' and so on. And 'my Father in Heaven' - which would be his real Self in non-physicality - 'I and the Father are One'. It's the same person of course, just that the 'son' isn't real, and the 'Father' is the only real thing there is, as such.

As Datre said 'when an individual know who they are - I know WHO I AM - I AM!
Which sounds similar to God answering Moses, when Moses asks for Gods name, and God answers
'I AM that I AM'.

Datre didn't really make much predictions, but I've noticed one obvious and one more subtle.
The first one was on the year 2000, y 2k, which perhaps had more hysteria around it than the 2012 phenomena does. Jesus was going to come back, all computers was going to go haywire, and all kinds of scenarios would ensue.

As another digression, I've been able to find parts of the old Datre sites stored, and I've found the dates for many of the transcripts, plus the layouts and and interesting story about travelling on the planetary grid, that I remember from the old Datre site. And now I found it. So I'll be posting them here, but I'll let this post stay up for this week before I start posting any more.

This is from transcript Datre129, posted first time in March of 1999:

..." Then you have the 'other' excitement, of the 'doomers' and the 'gloomers'. But, as we've said before, this is a planet of 'opposites'. Which one do you want to do? Do you want to do the 'gloom' and 'doom' kind of stuff, with the apocalypse and all that other kind of stuff - or do you do you want to be on the 'other' side and see that 'excitement'? There's peoples that are planning to go to different countries, because there's great big 'celebrations' that are going to take place in the year 2000."...

..." So, it is your 'belief' system that's going to take you into the year 2000 to 'enjoy' or to 'suffer' through - the choice is 'yours'.

Now, what would happen if had not had a calendar? What if you didn't 'know' that you had 2000 coming up? What difference would it make? To those that are 'gloomsters', it would make all the difference in the world, because they couldn't 'plan' for a tragedy."...

..."But, as to the year 2000, do not look at it as dread. Look at it as a period of 'excitement' - new things happening. Now, from our standpoint, and what we OBSERVE in physicality, we wouldn't look at the year 2000 as being the 'beginning'. Your 'beginning' is the next moment that you're in physicality - that's your 'beginning'. Your next moment, is your 'beginning'. And the next moment is your 'beginning'. That is the way 'we' would view it. But, join the 'excitement', pick up on the excitement, but use it to your advantage. Use it to make 'you' happy. Use it to make new DISCOVERIES for yourself. It is entirely up to you."....

 And this is from transcript Datre130, posted first time in April of 1999:

..."DATRE: Well, the thing is, you set things up for yourself - it is an "agreed upon" situation. You "agreed" that this would be your time frame. The calendars are all 'wrong' - if you want to get technical about it. So, the year 2000 really has nothing to do with anything. It’s not going to be the 'end of the world'. But, it will be the end of many individuals 'anticipation'.

Now, the 'doom' and 'gloomers' are going to anticipate that 'God's' going to come, that 'Buddha's' going to come, that the 'UFO's' are going to come - everybody is going to come to 'save' them. From what? Save them from what - themselves? That's the only one you can never run away from - you can't do it.

The other thing is, those that are looking forward to 2000 with the excitement of all the 'new' things that are coming. Now, the scientist's would be shocked out of their boots - and they probably already are - if they 'knew' where your "planet" was headed. You see they're beginning to understand that by looking at the 'stars', they're in just a little bit different place than they used to be. And they don't dare tell anybody - even themselves - because they don't 'know' what's happening."...

The millennium bug was one of the 'scary' things back then, it was said to be making all the electronics halt as a computer virus:

..."JOHN: What about the millennium bug?

DATRE: Well, what about the virus Melissa? So you got all excited, you crashed a lot of systems, you got it fixed, and now its business as usual. What about the Y2K? There will be glitches, and panic by those who are looking for excitement. The problems will be solved and it will be business as usual. We thank you, we're Datre."...

So, that was the predictions for year 2000 by Datre, although I would say, what each were to experience depended most likely on their own individual beliefs.

 Because, in another transcript Datre000, which I thought was the first one, but it was posted also in April of 1999, Datre says:

 ..." There were peoples that sat out in the deserts and numerous other locations with their 'precious' belongings waiting days for the 'extra- terrestrials' to come and pick them up - their belief was that strong. Everyone was telling about their experiences that they were having with the extra-terrestrials'.

Now it is 1999, what happened to all those 'out there' that were coming here? Remember there are many, many layers of your present reality and time is an artificial construct. Each reality, which is a 'layer - for lack of a better term I can find' - is horizontal and vertical at the same moment."...

 But here's one interesting that I found rather subtle but very important, it's in transcript Datre171,
 which is dated December of year 2000:

..." They talk about major changes in 2012 because they couldn't see any further than that, they couldn't project any further. You want change? Watch next year (2001). Your 2000 is soon going to be over - when everything was supposed to happen. Everything was going to happen in the year 2000. Well, 2000 is almost to the end. Now, at the end of 2000 is the whole planet going to disappear? Many thought it would. Many expected all kinds of Saviors and ships and everything else to save them, I don't know what they wanted to be saved from. But, there was disappointment in those that woke up the next day and found out they were still here."...

And we all know what happened that next year, of September 2001. That didn't just shock americans, but an entire world had to change the view of itself.

What I think Datre was indicating was that the anticipation for something happening in 2000 had to be fullfilled, - like the downtrodden people in the middle east that was praying for a savior to rescue them. And along came Jesus, because it was expected. The suffering was to great, 'God' would have to interfere, people were convinced.

If the anticipation of 2012 is unfulfilled, it's not unlikely that it might play out in 2013, or further ahead in time. But it still doesn't have to be a disaster or tragedy even from mass conciousness point of view. But there again, it depends of the eye of the beholder so to speak.

There are several Datre transcripts where the Mayans are mentioned:

Datre031, dated August of 1996:

..."Now, you must realize that you have had many civilizations that have been 'humongous' in size. That have, what you would say, walked off the planet. Now, the Mayan's are the ones that you talk about the most, the Mayan civilization. That when they reached a certain level of 'attainment', shall we say, or whatever words you want to use, they could see no reason to stay on this planet, because the experiential patterning had been 'learned'. So when they learned that, they knew themselves, another experience was wanted.
So you see to you, that is something you cannot fathom. But at one point in time, movement 'between' planets was not as 'difficult' and so when they had an experience on a planet, when the experience was completed by the 'majority' of that population, they just 'left' and went to 'another' planet. They 'dropped' their physical bodies here, because that is 'planetary' material, but you see, those individuals 'knew' that they were not their bodies. So, collectively, they left their bodies and left the planet."....

Datre033, dated August of 1996:

..." JOHN: And the final question is... "The Mayans were here - then left. Current interpretation of the Mayan calendar says they will return in the year 2012 (or 2013???) - Is this significant - what does it mean?"

DATRE: Why do they have to return? They evolved beyond the point that they could on this planet. Now, if there have been those that have been on another planetary existence and have 'understood' 'that' planetary existence and have sought something else and this has been of interest to you... to them, I should say, then they have come back and come thru physical existence, because there was a 'remnant that was left here. So
there has been a 'remnant' so that they could return if they wanted to. But did they want to? You see, everybody picks-up all kinds of dates and say's this is going to happen and that's going to happen and something else is going to happen. But 'dates' do not mean anything, they don't mean anything."...

Datre099, dated April 1998:

..."DATRE: Crop circles are many different things. What they are is, nothing more than 'energy' configurations.

Now, someone might say, 'well, there have been these 'stick' figures in (the Nazca Plains) South America... I think its South America, the one down below us? (yes) They were put there, they say, by the Mayan's and they had specific lines that were paths and they had 'stick' men and other figures and they have been there for I don't know how long. Then you have those that are over on the other countries. You have them here in the United
States. They are all over wherever there's a piece of land where the energy can be 'undisturbed'. So that's why they're always in fields, because in a large field it can be quite."...

Datre136, dated July 1999:

..."They talk about the Mayan civilization and what happened to it - it disappeared. Now, you must remember that there was a great deal of difference at that time. Everyone worked together on a 'common' thought. And they reached, through their commonality, a stage where they figured that they 'knew' all that they desired to know about 'physicality' at 'that' time of their evolution - and they all left the planet together. Where did they disappear to?

Well, we could ask you, where do you disappear to when you put the body to sleep?"...

 Datre171, dated December of year 2000:

..."JOHN; What about the Mayan calendar 2012 thing?

DATRE; Now, what happened to the Mayan's? They ceased their existence as a group of individuals. They prophesied up to 2012. Now, they could not go any further than that - that's where they stopped.

All right, now, you contract to have a house built. They contracted for a certain period of time for their physicality as a group. Now, you take the house. You contracted to have the house built. And, you got the house built half way and then you put out the boards to continue the second half of the house. You have the foundation for the whole house, but you only have half the house. But you've got the boards going out to indicate that there's going to be more. But the house is only half built.

Their civilization 'projected' to 2012. They did not go to 2012. They projected 'out' - they stuck boards out there to indicate the finish of the house. But they, themselves, did not continue to that point.

Now, just because the house wasn't completed, doesn't mean that you can't get somebody else to finish the house. They did not complete their contract. They 'projected' - but did not complete. That was their decision."...

..."They talk about major changes in 2012 because they couldn't see any further than that, they couldn't project any further."...

Datre172, dated January 2001:

..."JOHN; Today we have a question from Marc as follows... "I've read much on the subject of human evolution, and I have every one of the symptoms (gaining a GREAT interest for the spiritual in a short time, runny nose, hectic life, etc..) could you please explain a little about what is happening to us, and what is going to happen in 2012 (the end of the Mayan calendar)?"

DATRE; Now, we discussed recently about the Mayan calendar and said, 'that was as far as they could project'. Now, because you have become so reliant on information to fashion your life by, that people are forgetting to make their own lives the way they want it. In other words, because of your system of learning and teaching from childhood on, you 'expect' to have a guideline to follow at all times.

In other words, when they start out with young children, you send them to some kind of pre-school so that they can learn before they get into school. Then when they get out of school, they go into another school - to college, university, whatever. Many of them spend their whole lives staying in a university because they want to take other subjects. All they do, is keep getting information all the time.

Now, that is fine if that is all you have in mind and that is your goal - is just to keep stuffing into the head. But, if you keep stuffing into the head, where is 'your' inspiration? When you keep following the guidelines of 'others', you are not being the 'creator' that you intended to be. You have your own individual 'signs' and 'symbols' that you set up for your self to follow - and they're in front of you all the time."...

 ..." You were asking about 2012. Do you have any idea how long you're going to live? Are you going to finish out your day? You know, sometimes I look at different things. Today, when John got the paper and the paper has a section they call comic's - its supposed to be funny - sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't. But, just to show you that the "spiritually evolved" individual is not the only one that is noticing changes. Here it is in your comic's. A statement that say's, 'If time never stops, how come its always NOW?'. Now, that's a very profound statement. And its not coming from anything but the comic's. Are you an 'observer'? I'll bet that they're are umpteen people that never pay any attention to that. But, you see, changes are taking place. If you're beginning to see things like this, this is where MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is moving. They're moving toward 'change'. That's why we have said, 'be an observer'. Notice the changes that are happening. Its an exciting time if you 'know' what's going on."...

So, to wrap up, what will happen? As Datre say in their second book -
It depends what you believe, your beliefs make it happen. It's all your own doing.

As for me, I'll probably be posting some of the old Datre sites in the coming posts, in a weeks time or more.
Enjoy :-)


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