12.12.2012 - and preventing a nuclear war

Some may be expecting doomsday, some will be getting married, and some is waiting for a movie (Tolkiens The Hobbit) on this specific date, 12. of december 2012.

Datre has mentioned that 12 is a specific number, and refers to the bible with the 12 Israeli tribes, which are rather 12 different humanities, to go through in order to become a fully realized human, in the transcript called TWIN SELF.

There is also an explanation in another transcript, of the Mayan calender, - that it is not the end, but that the Mayans stopped projecting much further than 2012.

That's not really what I wanted to write about, but now that's out of the way.

I noticed on the news today, North Korea again receiving international condemning for launching (or trying to launch?) a long distance rocket with the potential to carry nuclear weapons.

In several transcripts Datre mentions the atomic bomb, and how it doesn't quite work as alot of people may think:

in transcript Datre097:

..."You can't have an atomic bomb explode, like the big one over in Japan, unless 'everything' is right. Contrary to what you 'think' you can do - you can't. Because 'everything has to be in complete synchronicity. And that lasts for a very short period of time. You can call it a window. That's why atomic bombs will explode and they 'won't' explode. Your government knows all about that, I'm not saying anything they don't know about, because that's how they can do it."...

In addition it would not be allowed by other civilizations in the Universe, Datre mentions in other transcripts:

..." Because, like the business with the atomic wars that you were thinking about
getting involved in. You see that would not only be destructive
to your planet, it would be destructive to everything else in the Universe, because the atom is the most powerful thing you have on this planet."...

In Datre book 3 'The 5th Dimmension Doorways To The Universe', John Sinkiewicz mentions his cooperation with another grid pioneer - Bruce Cathie of New Zealand. He is the author of the books 'Harmonic 33', 'Harmonic 695' and others.

Here's a few clips of Bruce explaining how an atomic bomb may or may not detonate, and him telling about his experiences, among others with the government(s):


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