A Datre-reader mail from Johan

I recently received this email from Johan, and decided to post it here:

"Dear Janitor,

Today I registered as 4th member (white knight) on the Datre website you created (thanks for that!!!)
Some time ago I wrote an email to post on the website under "comments", but it didn't work out.
There are few people that still follow Datre, and they are far in between!
Myself, I live in Belgium. In case you have an interest in discussing further possibilities to spread the Datre works, please contact me.
I don't know "how" yet... but I am convinced this would be a good thing.
Below the email I wrote, feel free to "paste" it anywhere on the website where you want.
Maybe you can tell me why it doesn't work for me here, to do it "direct".

Greetings from Flanders.


Hello Janitor and everyone else here,

First of all, it's a great idea to put the Datre information out there.Thanks for that.

Many years ago I also came upon the "Datre 2000" website and got to know Datre better.

After some years, I also had a few personal emailexchanges with John and found out he was a very friendly man. What I really liked about John and Aona, is that they (unlike so many others) did not want to get rich from doing this. But maybe they did get disappointed by the low interest in what they did. And maybe age was another factor.

I have been present at an Elias channeling in California (long ago). I thought it was usefull. When you like the Seth books, you probably will like Elias too.

Datre always felt very "genuine" to me. maybe because for some reason I felt "close". When you see how much money some people make from their "channelings", and how sometimes they start out with good intentions but then get de-railed, by others or for whatever reason, then material like Datre should take and find its place in this world I believe.

Janitor does a good job and I am glad that someone has taken this initiative. At some point, I was about to translate the books/material in Dutch, but then it never happened (because of my situation at the time).

Maybe there is a way some of the people here could "resurrect" Datre. And the Datre teachings. It's just an idea, but I always found this information valuable and not known widely enough.

On how to do this, we may use this place here to exchange ideas. IF there is an interest, a need, a possibility... What do others think?



Thanks for your email, I don't know exactly why the comment posting isn't working quite, but there was a change to the layout, and maybe that may have caused some difficulties. I've also decided to change the comment moderation to allow all registered users to post without moderation, I don't think it will be a problem. So maybe it will work better now, sorry if anyone have had trouble with that.
If you stilll have difficulties, just send me a mail and I'll try to open up for anyone to comment.


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