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Just as I thought I wasn't going to post anymore on this blog I stumble upon something that might be the last 'site' of Datre on the net, since the original ones seems to be gone.

It's actually a blog on blogspot setup back in april 2005, and it looks like this could have been set up by Aona/John/Datre themselves. Unfortunately it hasn't been followed up. But for those of you that haven't seen anything original from Datre online this might be a little something anyway:

The URL is    datresweblog.blogspot.com

I think it resembles them to use the wordplay on 'we-blog' as a little fun thing and perhaps as an observation.

I'll just copy the little there is of the blog into this post:

Friday, April 22, 2005


Datre's We-Blog



DATRE's We-Blog

A New Millennium - A New


Who or What is Datre?

Datre is the name used by a vast array of universal beings who have been speaking through Aona (a clairvoyant) for some 20+ years.
Datre is a name composed of specific interactive vibrations. We are Universal.
We are multiple. Not only is our number large but there is also a variety
and complexity in each of us. Although the name we have chosen encompasses
all of us, you can not distinguish us individually unless you hear us on

We all have our
specialties in Universal activities. We are those who have experienced different
types of physicalities and those who have not experienced any

We speak to you
from a Universal standpoint as we presently view you upon your planet and
as we anticipate humanity's changes into your NEW future

We are NOT part
of any local or Galactic group, NOR are we a "collective" or even function
from "consciousness" - those are of your Earth's reality construct.

There are presently three Datre web sites;
WWW.MINDSPRING.COM/~datrenet (The main web site)
WWW.DATREBOOKS.COM (The Datre book web site)
WWW.DATREARCHIVE.DATREBOOKS.COM (The archives of the origional Datre transcripts - some 250+ free Q & A transcripts from hundreds of persons in some 50+ countries)


We have created this blog to allow individuals to interact with the Datre material as well as with each other. Those in Datre will interact with some of your comments from time to time and their comments will be posted on this We-Blog.


Then there's about 6 comments of spam. The formating might be somewhat off in this post though, just go to the original blog to see how it looks.
I don't remember having seen this blog before, then again there wasn't any need to as the main site was up and running. I remember the phrase "A New Millenium - A New BIRTH - A New REALITY" from their original site. So it's probably theirs.

I remember suggesting to John that it might be useful to have a forum for those who wanted to discuss the Datre material, and he thought it was a good idea but he hadn't made a priority of setting one up from scratch. I setup one myself on a free forum site, just to have something,  but it was slow and cumbersome, and after a short while it was full of spam, and I think it was automatically shutdown for inactivity. I don't even remember the URL or the domain.

I've also come across a reference to Datre/Aona in an e-book called  'The Laws of the Inner Universe'. It dates datretranscript 156 back to May of 2000, with a link to the original site  http://www.mindspring.com/~datrenet/datre151-200/Datre156.htm

 I don't remember exactly when the transcripts were made but I think the last ones of the numbered ones - Datre206 and Datre207 - was from january or february of 2003. Then they added some unumbered after that answering some questions and making more themed sessions.

I think it might have been Aona that posted on the 'Godslikeproductions' site about the channeling of HAR-KUT, which you can find in this blog too, and I remember reading a post on some forum that I think may have been written by John regarding the use of free energy, relating to the '5th Dimension - Doorways to the Universe' book. It was something technical related.

So, anyway that's all. Perhaps not very enlightening, but I thought it was kindof fun that they had made a blog already back then, and me being unaware of that made a blog four years later in 2009 dedicated to their material. Coincidence? Then again there are no accidents :) and no time, so which blog came first? :)

Have fun :)


  1. Hi, i just happen to come across this site and , to be honest, i am a little confused. I've learned very little about Datre and i would really like to learn more. This site is one of the few that say anything about Datre. Would you please help me learn more or let me know where i can find more information

  2. Hello bladerunner, I've uploaded almost all the free transcripts (- except a couple that I came across recently and are going to post today -) and the books to this blog.
    You can find them the posts of these in the blog archive on this blog on the right hand top side. I posted most of them back in 2009.
    There you'll find the posts of the transcripts, a post where you can download the Datre archives and a post where you can download the 5 books that Datre/John S./Aona published.

    Other than that I don't know unfortunately, I set up this blog because the main Datre site went offline so to speak.

    But the 200+ transcripts and books are on this blog, just look in the blog-archive. So I hope that will be helpful to you and anyone that is searching for Datre information.


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