Rocks and their surprising existence

Rocks and their surprising existence is mentioned in both in Datre book two and four, and the nature beings that brings this phenomenon to life


  1. I am also wondering about Datre...John and Aona. I found their articles very interesting and more logical than our every-illusory and contrived reality.

    I wonder if they were silenced by fearful and limited human beings?

  2. Hello Virginia, I didn't really get the impression that they could be silenced, or that anyone would even bother stopping them, but I don't know what happened. I think they're allright though.

    The way I look at the whole thing is that we were handed the view-point from a group of 'outsiders' so to speak, and it's up to us what we decide to do with it. Perhaps they left for people to absorb or apply what they said. It's easy getting too attached to someone you think have all the answers, maybe we have to find out for ourselves.

    Oh btw, I just made an observation from your comment, thank you ;-)

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  4. Hello nazia, the transcripts that you see here are all the ones I have from Datre.

    I'm comparing them to work of the person that Frauke suggested in the first post on this blog, Lester Levenson. I find that that makes me look at the Datre transcripts with perhaps a better understanding of some of the things they are talking about. Like fill in some of the "blanks" if you will.

    I found some videos from his classes, on youtube:
    in case anyone might be interested in that.

    I found from Datre that I would understand what Observation means, but I didn't feel like I found a specific way to really start to increase my awareness. I'm not saying that it isn't there, but Levensons way of explaining and perhaps also his method might be helpful in this.

  5. Dear few interested parties, well now it seems the books are also out of print meaning I can only assume that there is no longer revenue going to the authors so I feel OK about sharing the little glitch on Amaz on. If you search for the Datre series and use the function to, read a random page, it actually opens the entire book, at least for book 1. the transcripts and the books together are really fulfilling. happy reading.


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