Datre of ancient times

I thought I would write a little about how I first became aware of Datre, and the site back then. Unfortunately I wasn't around when they first came on the net.

I had found a Seth book by Jane Roberts in my local library, and the and I've allways thought the Seth books were very gently written. Seth in the books seem quite gentle and articulate, and the books seems almost like a comforting of sorts. I haven't read them all yet, but the few I have I appreciated alot.

Then while looking at links and information about Seth on the net, I came across a link and a description saying that this was something close to or with the same depth as that which Seth had offered.

And so I clicked on a link taking me to a site that said "Datre 2000". The banner picture was professionally done, I think perhaps they had someone make it for them. The banner had as I remember the text 'Datre 2000' with a picture of the Parthenon in Akropolis, Athen. There was also a circular old watch. Otherwise the site had a white background.

I remember remarking to John under the olympic games some years later, that the logo for "Athen" looked like "Aona", I had never seen that before. I guess that's one reason why they used the picture of the Parthenon.

At that point they had already uploaded 207 transcripts, and they had book 1 and 2 for sale, "We are Datre book 1" and "We are Datre book 2". They were selling them through paypal, the prize was some 7 dollars per book. Later they would add the third book "The 5th dimension - Doorways to the Universe", the fourth book "Your Unseen World" and the 5th "Conversations with Datre". Then they addded a combined edition of book 1 and 2. Book 3 was prized some 9 dolars I think, and I think that might have been the prize for the combined one as well.

I have no idea where they first started appearing on the net, but it looked like they were done with most of the answering of questions from people. Although Datre answered me and others both on the site and in private after that.

I've decided not to publish everything from my conversations with Datre/John since some of it is personal, both for me and for John, and it would perhaps not be fair. I might do so at a later point perhaps.

Then later on I got the impression that John himself made the new website which had a light blue background, that can be seen in some of the transcripts with html code that can be downloaded in the previous post here. That site looked to me not as proffessional and I assume that perhaps John was trying to maintain his own website, though the Url was the same as before.

They had already gotten a french translation of the two first books, and after awhile they offered books with translation in several languages, including my own.
Unfortuantely the translation was useless, and so I decided to tell John that this wasn't any good. He said he'd been aware that it might not be so they had added the english version of the entire book at the end of each of the translations.

Then they made a new frontpage, although still with the light blue color, with the Title "We are Datre of Ancient Times".

I thought this was funny, because in a way it is correct according to them, that if one was to compare with human time, they would be pretty ancient. Although with the notion that time and space does not exist other than as illusions and tools in our reality, it makes no sense to "be of ancient times" of course. I think they were being a little humorously sarcastic there. I think they were having fun pretending to appeal to the masses, wich might be attracted to such a title.

Because I also thought it was funny with their title for their 5th book "Conversations with Datre" which title is obviously inspired by the many questions about "Conversations with God" books, - which I actually think I had a question related to myself at some point. So I think it was a subtle attempt of humor there.

To me it was very odd that the site stopped being available, I could understand that they were busy with their tomorrowland project and that the site itself perhaps wasn't a main occupation, but since they had a link to it in their books I didn't expect it to go down.

As they mentioned they also had all sessions taped, and as I remember John said they were thinking of putting out audio tapes for sale on CD's and/or downloadable on the net. I wonder now what has happened to these audio tapes, there must have been quite a few of them with all the transcripts, the books and private conversations.

So yes again, if you have any information as to what happened with John and Aona, it would be appreciated by at least a few here and I think there are more people wondering what happened.

If you have your own story or personal experience with John, Aona and Datre then you can comment below, or if it's a long story you can send me an email, and I might post it here on this site.


  1. I was really enlightened by Datre's teachings and stories. I also received a few private responses from them but notice they have been unavailable for years now. I sometimes wonder if someone else hacked their website or emails, because some of the private responses were not in keeping with Datre teachings.

  2. Dear Janitor, thank you, I was wondering what had happened to you as I posted or tried to post to your last site but it didnt seen to get through. I want to let you know that the Ama zon 'look inside' function allows you to read all the book, and angelic glitch. Thanks these are still grounding and exciting after all these years. Having read them in the past and then having gone deep into some of the muck about our world available on the internet, these now live again even more clearly. All the best


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