Answers for Kim.
JOHN: We have a question from Kim concerning migraines. "It
starts with an aura of jagged white lights that take over my
vision and make sight difficult - there's a short calm before the storm - and then headache from hell hits. Pain, vomiting, a short sleep and then all is back to normal."

DATRE: First of all - you say that all is back to normal - but
what happens is you have actually made a change in your
"electrical" structure. We see, many upon the planet at the
present time, experiencing things that they have not experienced
in the physical bodies previously. The amount of people that have allergies now in comparison to ten - twenty years ago is
There is a definite reason for that - the energies upon your planet are changing - the energy construct of individuals is changing - the, so-called, vegetation that you have upon your planet is changing. You will find that there are certain types of plants that are thriving - there are certain types of plants that are beginning to disappear from your planet. That is true also of your animal species - that including fish types - water animals.

Now, when you have a population on a given planet - as you have - you have so many people that the planet is not able to sustain
you. You find that the larger animals are becoming - what you
refer to as extinct. You have the smaller animals coming in -
that they call "endangered" species - however, they are just
first on the planet. But being of a smaller size they will be
able to sustain themselves with lesser amounts of food.
You will find that even those that you know very well - like your cattle - there will be less and less of them - because they take up too much food and too much land to sustain them. Now you are beginning to eat "big birds" because it takes less to feed them. They say it is because of the food content - that has nothing to do with it - it is just "space" related.

You will say - I asked about migraines, why are you going into
this? I am turning it backwards - and I will come around to the
front side. I very often enjoy going through the "back" door – it is more interesting to take you along on an "adventure".

All right now, with the vegetation upon your planet changing – the animals upon your planet are changing - you will find that the food that you have "always eaten" is not the same as it was
previously. The same thing is happening to your physical body.

Your physical bodies are changing - they are not what they were,
shall we say. Because the vibration within the physical being -
of those who are beginning to - shall we say - "know" themselves, know "who" they are, know "where" they are going, accepting new varied and different experiences, searching for answers within themselves and outside themselves - in other words listening to teachers, reading books and searching - those individuals are changing the vibrational patterns of their physical being.
It is not something you can "do"; it is something that happens - because as your brain accepts different material - your brain patterning changes. As your brain patterning changes, your body changes. As your body changes your brain patterning changes – so it goes, back and forth.

Now, many upon your planet are staying - what shall we say -
status quo? They are doing the same things - they are not aware
of any physical body changes. You will find these people who -
like what was experienced the other day by the channel - in
making a new road - with a black substance that has a very strong odor. It disturbed the channel just by going on that little stretch of new road.
Yet, there were men on big pieces of equipment that are on that road - working with that very - what I would call "toxic" substance - from the first thing in the morning to the last thing at night and it does not bother them. Two minutes on the road and the channel was very upset - sick to stomach, headache - until that could be worked through the body by breathing and getting fresh air. So you see, the bodies are very, very different at this point in time.

Now, to get back to the migraines - that can be a number of
different things for a number of different people. There are many people who are living under constant stress - and they do not know it because they live in it continuously. What happens is the physical body in stress related cases is being pushed constantly.
I have to get up - I have to go to work - my hair doesn't look good - I don't know what clothes to wear. Then they get to work and the supervisor or whoever has gotten out - shall we say – on the wrong side of the bed - things have gone wrong for that individual. Instead of taking it out on the family members where the event occurred - he's in too much of a hurry to take time to straighten things out at the present time - gets in the automobile, gets to the place of work - and the first person that opens their mouth - gets it!
Because that person is so uptight, so angry - they lash out at the very first person that comes into their path. Now, that is not an easy situation to handle because the person that opened their mouth to say something - was not in error in any way and could not understand the situation. So stress begins for the other person - the person that opened their mouth. All day long they live with that harangue they got when they first went into their place of work. That stress builds continuously all day long. So, then a headache occurs – stress related.

Because the cities that you live in have become so large in
number - that you find it very difficult to - shall we say - to
get away and find a space for yourself. Especially in apartments
or big buildings that contain many people. You are constantly
living in one mass consciousness gestalt or another. So, that is
stress related.

Then you have the people who have allergies. Now, many allergies
are very hard to locate. Some allergic to dust - some allergic to foodstuff and it is very difficult to find either one of those. You have that which is ingested in foodstuffs - you do not know what is in that foodstuff - because so many different things are used to grow your vegetable.
You don't have vegetables that just come out of the ground and put into your mouth. Because everything has been changed. They will say, well it's organic - but where did the seed's come from? There are very few seeds that have been maintained - and even those - in todays what you call ground - will be different because your soil is all different. So you see allergies come from that - and that also can be a source of a migraine.

Now, you have another category and that is one that is very
difficult for many people to handle - that is your metals and
your crystals.

Now metal will carry many vibrations. It will, shall we say, trap them. (That is why there are those who do not wish to - like the channel - does not wear any jewelry - shall we say). Because metal has a memory - and if one wants to be an individual – there is nothing that traps a memory more than a piece of jewelry.
Many people pile themselves up with antique jewelry. Every piece of antique jewelry - regardless of how beautiful it is, contains the vibration of that individual that owned it. Now that can be compatible or it can be very, very uncomfortable to many individuals. But the people that wear all of that jewelry are usually those individuals that are of a very low vibratory quality - so it does not affect them in any way.

Now you have a crystal or a gemstone of any kind. Crystals
within the psychic community are very, very popular. But as the
channel has seen with her eyes - and we have "peeked" in to see
also - she has seen those wearing a crystal bobble around their
neck on a chain and where the crystal has swung back and forth
upon the chest of the individual - there will be scars. Scars
where the crystal has cut and penetrated the skin. That is up to
the individual - but the individual that has a heavy, slow
vibration is not aware of that. A person that is of a sensitive
nature will not want a crystal or a stone around their neck.

I know gemstones are beautiful. I know rings are beautiful.
Metals are beautiful. But for those of a sensitive nature - of a
vibrational body acceleration, I would say, take your metal -
take your stones - and put them in your room so that you can
observe them and enjoy them. But, depending upon you as an
individual - you will know if you should wear or not.
It is like finding a book in a store when you are looking for information - and if you allow - you will find the information in whatever book it is that you are looking for. Because it is automatically – and I use the word "automatically" because that is how it will feel to you. You will go to the right place and pickup the right book with the information you want.
The same thing with considering any jewelry of any sort. You will look at it, you will admire it, and if it feels right to you, you will wear it - if it does not - you will find something else equally as beautiful that you can put in a room and observe.

Now, what happens, these things will all, shall we say, quote
unquote "cause migraines". I don't like to use the word "cause"
but that is where it is right now because it is a reaction to a
substance. Being it plant - animal - metal - mineral, whatever.
Now what happens in migraines - they are many different things to many different individuals - because you have as many different migraines on the planet as you have individuals on the planet.
Each one is different. Your experiences are different - you are an individual and as an individual - you will have an individual experience. When you stop and think of the number of people there are on your planet, you can see how many different things happen to so many different people.

But, from the description of the white light - what is happening
with a white light - is that is a "type of" put that in
quotations - type of - shall we say - re-wiring. Now I believe
that we have spoken of re-wiring before. Re-wiring is a process
of growth.
In other words, as you ask questions and you receive answers - the answers that are comfortable to you, you will adopt. Now that does not negate what you had before but as you make continual changes within your understanding - that old thought pattern, shall we say, will begin to lose it's vitality. As it looses its vitality it will be replaced by another new
vibrant "wire".
Now at the point that a headache becomes violent - and a white light is seen - that white is "nerves" – nerve endings - synapses, that is the word I am looking for - it's a synaptic effect. The white is what you observe. Now, as stated it was violent, yes. What happens is your physical being becomes
sick, ill - and in what you will say - your vomiting - you are,
in a word, "expelling" an old thought pattern - many old thought
You see, genetically, you have so much within your physical being that you are not aware of. There are those upon this planet that are making tremendous strides in the evolution of their physical being. The entity that is you - the real you -
the psyche part of you, is making changes in what you call your
"dream time".

What happens in your dreamtime - is manifested in your daytime
- and what happens is, your acceptance of the information given
to you by the psyche, and the brain computes it, the body reacts
and expels. Now, just as an example to help you understand. Every time one goes through that type of an experience, be grateful for the experience, because it is outwardly showing you what the inside is doing.
In other words, what is happening is you are re-wiring and the physical body - in order to assimilate more quickly - is expelling through that what you call vomiting. It is a violent - it is a violent way of changing over in your experiential patterning. But, when you begin to feel the blinding light, then relax into it - at that point, realize what is happening. You are re-wiring - relax, relax, relax and you will find that the time span of the illness will be less.
As you begin to accept the body knows exactly what it's doing - to help you in your evolutionary process - I will not say you will completely eliminate that process - but as you accept it, "know" that you are making great strides towards the future - in knowing who you are. The body will adapt more quickly.

You are searching for answers - as many are searching for
answers. You do not know in which way your physical body will
react to the changes that take place and what it is doing is like the individual who needs a physical bodily adjustment. They will fall down a flight of stairs - will hit their head on a cabinet door - will bump their elbow in a very significant way to cause extreme pain - will break a leg, an ankle, whatever - for the physical body to be put into adjustment.
These things are all done on the physical. The migraine is a result of physicality. Physicality, if it is recognized - begins to work very well. The human body will adjust to the mental circumstances - and as the mental circumstances change, then the physical body adjusts - back and forth, back and forth. The body adjusts, the brain adjusts, the psyche keeps working with you at all times. As for knowing quote unquote "what to do" there is only one thing, from our vantage point in observing the physical body, is to say, relax into it. It will make it much easier upon you and you will realize that as you accept your changes in your thought patterning, it will become much faster. Each time you accept a new idea, something happening to the physical body, whatever, there is a constant adjustment.

Now because of the new energies coming in - your adjustments are
more closely spaced - and you will find that things begin to
happen more quickly. Be an observer of your life that you are
living at the present time. You will find that the more that you
begin to work with the psyche, the brain and the body, you will
see things happening at a faster rate of speed - shall we say.
In other words, if you think about something, within a very short period of time, you will see that something appear in front of you. So, it is an accelerated time in which you are living – and the time span, or the linear time line that you are traveling on, is becoming more and more obscure. Your days will be longer - they will be shorter, your time will be more malleable - and to many that is very upsetting - and that will also cause the headaches. But there again, this is an accelerated time of the "new energies" - and the one thing that I will tell all upon your planet - relax into it. Know that you are making tremendous strides. Continue your journey and enjoy. We thank you for the opportunity of being with you - we are Datre.


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