by John Sinkiewicz

I would like to talk about the differences between possibilities and probabilities. This is a result of an "AH HA" that I had upon waking this morning.

Possibilities belong to the world of 'has been', 'was done', 'past'.

Probabilities belong to the world of the 'unknown'.

Possibilities belong to the 'materialized' world of substance - the brain.

Probabilities belong to the world of 'manifest' non substance, holograms - the mind.

Probabilities INCLUDE possibilities.

Possibilities do NOT include probabilities.

There is a world of difference between POSSIBILITIES and PROBABILITIES. We often use the phrase "you create your own reality". But few have any idea of what that really means.

Let's take an example. Suppose you want to have a new red sports car show up in your driveway. What is usually done is, you get the picture of the car in your imagination. Next, you focus on your intent to have that car 'materialize' in your driveway - as yours. But it doesn't happen. So you get very frustrated, knowing you did all of the 'right' things for 'materializing' that new car. But have you?

Whatever thought or 'think' you project, the MIND MANIFESTS - immediately. That's how the MIND works 'naturally' it does what we call MANIFESTING - AUTOMATICALLY. The big difference between the MIND of the BIG Universe and the MIND of the BUBBLE is the need for an agency to 'stuff' the MANIFESTATIONS with atomic structure.

There is though, a whole lot of difference between MANIFESTING and MATERIALIZING. Manifesting is the act of building the HOLOGRAM of that something you 'thought' into existence. But it is the job of the BRAIN to add atomic structure to that HOLOGRAM for it to be MATERIALIZED. It's there, but you can't see or use it because the BRAIN hasn't done its job.

The brain works from the field of POSSIBILITIES that it has been "exposed" to. If it hasn't been exposed to the 'possibility' of a new red sports car just showing up in your driveway it can't fill the MIND's hologram with atomic substance - it doesn't know HOW.

Our problem lies in the way we have set things up to function. We have set it up so that the brain is 'everything'. It, the brain, was never designed to be 'everything'. It was designed to be the 'manifesting' agent for the MIND. So, since we have set it up so that the 'brain' is the IMAGING or MATERIALIZING tool in it's own right - it is limited to only what it has been exposed to. If it hasn't seen or done it, then it has no 'knowledge' of how to do it - it's just a big DUMB computer - it knows only what it knows.

Now, the trick is to re-align the brain to function as the 'manifesting' agent for the MIND. Thus when a thought is 'manifested' the MIND will direct the brain in HOW to apply the atomic structure to the HOLOGRAM the MIND has manifested. Then we will have a condition of THOUGHT - MATERIALIZE, no matter what it is.

You see, the brain 'knows' that so called MAGIC is just the art of illusion. So when you want to 'magically' have a new car appear in your driveway, it say's, 'oh, he wants an illusion'. You get only an illusion, a brain story about a new red car.

But, when the MIND is in charge, the brain is given intelligent direction by the MIND as to what action it should take in applying atomic structure to its, the MIND's, 'manifested' HOLOGRAM.

he new energies are such that they are realigning our mental make-up to allow this change of order to take place 'naturally'. If we don't resist the MIND take over, that is. We all too often think of the brain and mind as two aspects of the same thing, but of course that is not true. So, if we will just learn to 'flow' with these new energies and 'allow' the mind to do its thing we can have our every wish.

Look at it this way. If you want to have a million dollars what are your 'brain' options? You can go rob a bank, you can try to come up with a new million dollar product, you can win the lottery - that's about it. So let's say you decide that you want to win a lottery and you buy a lottery ticket. Now what do you do? You focus on having that ticket be the winning ticket. That is something in the world of possibility - the brain has seen it done with others. But the brain also knows that the odds are very high against you, so usually it won't happen.

Now, take the same desire for a million dollars and get the MIND involved in the project. What are your options? Unknown AND unlimited, because it is coming from the field of 'probabilities' the 'unknown'. But in order for the 'unknown' to work, we must not restrict it. We restrict it by deciding the HOW that you will get this million dollars. For example, 'I will buy a winning lottery ticket'. That will likely not work any better then the 'brain' story. What you need to do is 'desire' to become wealthy - no specific level of wealth - just wealthy. Keep all of the 'brain' stories out of the picture. Keep the field of 'action' as free of concepts as possible. If you can do this, with just a little practice you will have anything you desire - just because you desired it.

Try it you'll like it.
But keep the brain out of it.

John Sinkiewicz.


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